Who is C1.SWAN?

C1. SWAN is principally a Fashion and Art brand which presents unique or limited-edition pieces on Fashion, Art and their combinations. Secondary categories of the brand are Decoration and Life Style. Especially art effect on Fashion, usage of technology, combination of innovative and traditional techniques, using materials besides their normal use, creativity and uniqueness are the most distinctive features of the Brand. With its unique, creative, innovator style, C1. SWAN is changing the accustomed and classical Luxury perception… NEW LUXURY!
C1. SWAN gives importance to have a creative C1 touch on each item and by doing so, aims to create inspiration and dream factor.  Distinguishing labeling system reflects exclusivity and shows the quantity of each item. The people who own a C1 piece knows how many pieces produced with the same design.
C1.SWAN designs DREAMS !...
The name C1. SWAN has special meaning which also reflects the main characteristics of the Brand. "C” is the first letter of the word “Creative” (and also the name of designer) while “1” comes from the singularity and uniqueness of designs.  So, first part is “Creative One”. On the other hand, pronunciation of C1 evokes the word SWAN which is the name of the animal seen as a symbol of beauty, grace, love, purity and elegance.  Since these terms are also part of the Brand DNA, the logo and brand name involve both C1 and SWAN.